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Roaming Field Support Officers

Salla Mankinen – Technology

For the past 10 years I’ve worked as a software developer for a myriad of companies in different countries – yet I’ve always kept an eye on opportunities in humanitarian and environmental fields.

I’ve been very lucky myself to have been born into a country where opportunities have been readily available to live a healthy life, study, and work. I do things every day that many people in the world only dream of doing. I would love to pass on some of this luck – if only a fraction – to people who have not been as lucky as me. I think it’s a question of justice and fairness.

I am a technology-focussed Field Support Officer for Good Return, the first time they’ve had someone in this role. I’m based out of our Cambodian “office,” which is a corner of the Cambodian Microfinance Association’s office in Phnom Penh.

I will design and build technology solutions, such as mobile apps, to help us facilitate training in rural settings. Another challenge is that the people we’re building these solutions for may not have had any exposure to these kinds of technology. The solutions will also collect a great deal of valuable data, which can be analysed to improve our direction, focus, and ultimately, the training.

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Salla Mankinen

Victoria Norris – Monitoring & Evaluation

Before joining Good Return, I worked with Australian Volunteers International, an organisation devoted to sending skilled volunteers overseas. Having now worked on the delivery end, I’m so excited to see things from the other side; the people-driven, bed bug-filled, idyllic scenery, crazy traffic, and lots and lots of hard work.

My role with Good Return is as a Monitoring and Evaluation Field Support Officer. In simple terms, this is about measuring the impact of our programs. Why? Because by doing this we can look at what project activities are providing the greatest benefit, what areas might need tweaking, and ensure that the voices of participants are heard in everything that we do.

Before this I have also worked at the Oaktree Foundation as Cambodia Country Director. Here I managed our overseas partnerships in Cambodia, working in the space of formal and informal education. This took us to regional provinces where our partners were developing model schools for the public education system, areas where young girls were advocating for their equal rights to education, and rural communities where alternative agricultural education was providing a practical path for young people.

I have also worked in areas that address the sexual exploitation of women and girls, disaster resilience, youth advocacy, refugee rights, foreign aid campaigning and more I’m sure I’m forgetting.

There is an incredible lot more to see and learn, so I’m giving it my best shot; taking in everything I can from our partners, our participants and our staff here at Good Return.

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Tory Norris

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