Team Members

Team Members

Our team is an international mix of staff and volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Only our core team members are listed here.

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Team Members


Shane Nichols, CEO
Melbourne, Australia
Shane has worked in microfinance and rural development in countries across Asia and the Pacific for the past two decades.



James Le Compte, Program Director
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
With almost a decade of development experience, James oversees our Responsible Inclusive Finance & Capability Development programs.
Janet Oxley, LMS Coordinator
Sydney, Australia


Jessie Fisher, Regional Manager, Pacific
With a background in International Studies and a focus on Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment, Jessie leads our work in the Pacific and has previously worked in development across Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Diana Tjoeng, Regional Manager, Asia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Aaron Brown, Field Support Officer – IT Developer Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chris Wardle, RLP Manager Laos


Rose Ramilo, Training Specialist
Manila, Philippines
With more than a decade and a half experience in microfinance and education, Rose’s focus is on the design and implementation of financial capability development programs.
Salla Mankinen, Regional Technology Lead
Salla has extensive experience in software development, technology architectures and design as well as technology team leading. She has worked on various types of solutions from big enterprise systems to small mobile phone apps.


Elly Cashmore, Women’s Empowerment Officer Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Narelle McCallum, eLearning Content Developer Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sandra Carvajal, Program Development Coordinator
With background in communications and international studies, Sandra has worked in China, Italy, and Bangladesh.
Bun Chanvannak, Program Coordinator, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Valerie Wong, Field Support Officer Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Gabi Gautschi, Field Support Officer Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Angela Drew, Field Support Officer Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Julie Morris, Communications Field Support Officer Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Stephanie Ng, Field Support Officer Nuku’alofa Tonga

Marketing and Fundraising

Anna Walsh, Marketing and Fundraising Director Anna is a fundraiser and an obsessive nerd about how we communicate and how to do it better. She’s been professionally obsessing for about 15 years now and has been lucky enough to do so in the UK, the US, South Asia and Australia.
Helena Hurley, Corporate Relations Manager

Caroline Armitage, Supporter Relations Officer
Caroline is a Chartered Accountant. At Good Return, she has been involved with policy and risk reviews, trips coordination, and now coordinates our supporter programs.


Steven Hayes, Digital and CRM Producer

Rebecca Melrose, Creative Writer




Norm Sturrock, Risk Advisor
Norm is an ex-banker who oversees our operations and risk management process. As Good Return chief editor, he also manages the online content.
Sarah Webster, HR & Operations Lead


Lesley Hume, HR Advisor
Lesley has had a long and varied career in the NSW public sector and brings a wide range of skills to Good Return.
Ian Jackson, Compliance Advisor
Ian is from Scotland but has lived in Australia for thirty years. He has an English law degree and has worked in insurance all his career, lately in compliance roles.


Daryl Pilkington, IT Specialist
David Martyn, Compliance Consultant

Deboshree Chowdhury, HR Officer

Vale Muhammad Awais

Good Return remembers Responsible Inclusive Finance Lead Awais Butt