Join Our Fundraisers

Join Our Fundraisers

Support Good Return by doing the things you love and getting anyone and everyone you know involved in a good cause.

Let your passion take charge. Running a marathon, cycling around Australia (or around your suburb 100 times), baking a cake, or simply hosting an afternoon tea party. It’s more than just raising money and awareness. It’s about sharing your belief and passion, and taking action.

Are you up for a challenge?

Here’s what to do.

Complete the paperwork

To start the campaign, please fill in the online form and tell us a bit more about your fundraising plan. What’s your activity: running, walking or cycling? Or what’s the occasion: birthday, wedding, anniversary or personal challenge? Tell us what you would like to see on your fundraising page. You can find samples of other fundraising pages here.

There are complex laws relating to fundraising activities in Australia, with variations from State to State. As you are collecting money on our behalf, it’s required that you understand and adhere to the conditions in our fundraising agreement (PDF). Please sign the agreement and email it to us.


Build your page

Once we have your information, we’ll build a page dedicated to your campaign on our website. This is where you can ask people to visit and make donations, and keep track of your campaign’s progress.

Make lots of noise

This is where the fun starts. Go out and tell the world about your quest – friends and families, colleagues, neighbours, anyone and everyone on your social network.

We have a team of fundraisers both staff and volunteers who have been fundraising for us using various creative and resourceful ways. If this is your first time and you are not sure how to promote your campaign, we can assign you a fundraising buddy to help you out, every step of the way.

Tips and tricks to promote your campaign

Here are a few resources to get you started. But don’t forget – a successful campaign comes from the heart. Feel free to personalise these resources. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Send an email to everyone you know

People can only support you if they know about your campaign. Here’s an email template to get your started.

Click here to send an email »

Talk it up on social media

Believe it or not – most people give because they are asked. On social media you’ll reach even more friends, and friends of friends. Don’t be shy!

Say thanks personally and socially

It’s nice to share the warm fuzzies. Send an email to say thank you to your donor personally. Even better, share it with your social network.

Keep talking about it

People might not donate the first time around or they simply have forgotten about it. It’s good to give everyone a nudge now and then, and keep them updated on how your campaign is going.

Go out with a bang

For the final push, it’s good to remind people of your campaign’s goal and deadline. A bit of urgency with an achievable target always encourages people to act.