Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.Socrates

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a global effort to help the child grow up free from poverty. It’s only possible if we collectively do something about it. Make a world without poverty a reality by investing in good today.

Why investing, not giving?



Giving to Good Return is an investment because our impact multiplies as it ripples through local financial institutions, their clients, families, businesses and communities.

When you give to a person, you help that one person or their family at one point in time. When you give to Good Return, you invest in a self-sustaining financial and educational infrastructure.

This supports and nourishes the people and communities you have chosen to help – now and into the future.


Invest in good – it’s informed and intelligent giving.

Your Investment

There are many ways to support Good Return.

Invest in good

Please note all donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Since we are a fully accredited international development agency, your donation will be partly matched by DFAT Australian Aid.

One off Donation

You can choose the program or the country you’d like to support, or simply make a general donation here.

Regular Donation

Best way to give. Your ongoing support helps us make long-term plans to fight poverty. Start now »


Support Good Return by sharing your passions with everyone you know. Find out how to start here.

Visit Our Programs

Combine travelling and fundraising in one package. Check out our current trip.

For regular giving: you can start giving regularly on the Give page using your credit card. For direct debit, please download the PDF form here.

For workplace giving: please contact your corporate social responsibility department. You may be asked to fill in a form to make your giving tax effective. In many cases, your employer will match your contributions, doubling your impact.

Fund small loans

You can fund a loan by choosing a borrower and the amount you wish to lend through our microlending site.

At the end of the loan, you can continue by lending to another borrower or simply withdraw your cash. Our microlending site operates on a different platform and so it needs a separate registration and log-in process. We apologise for this less than ideal user experience!

Donate Goods

If you have access to something we could use, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some ideas…

  • Prize items: We regularly host fundraising events where prizes play a crucial role. Wine, homewares and accessories, limited edition art prints, holiday getaways, career coaching, corporate talks, restaurant vouchers. Any and all of these are welcome.
  • Equipment and support: Technology plays a key role in our operations. If you have a product, service, or discount to offer – be it a mobile device for use in the field, a digital camera to document our work, computers or software – all are appreciated.

Your Social Investor

The Social Investor concept is still under development. We’d like to recognise exceptional contributions of our supporters, and offer the opportunity to become even more involved with our work.

To become a Public Social Investor, you’ll need to collect at least 1,000 Good Return points in the past financial year. For a Corporate Social Investor, at least 50,000 points. These points come from any kind of donation. You’ll earn one Good Return point for every dollar donated: money, goods and services. Points for corporate pro bono work will be as mutually agreed.

To show our appreciation, you’ll have opportunities to dive deeper into our work with special invitations to join our regular program updates, annual general meeting, and microfinance presentations. You can also visit our programs, (but you’ll have to meet your own travel expenses). Enter your vote and tell us what you think about the Social Investor concept.

Find out more about becoming a Social Investor »

Becoming a Social Investor in Good Return

The Social Investor concept aims to recognise individual donors and organisations that provide high monetary and non-monetary contributions to Good Return. In return for their generosity, Good Return offers:

  • Personalised program updates
  • AGM participation
  • Trip invitations to visit our operations – no fundraising obligation
  • Invitation to annual fundraising event – no entry fee
  • Invitation to program talks and courses
  • Invitation to special events
  • Inclusion in a “Page of Fame” on the Good Return website. Here, Social Investors are profiled (with permission) and Corporate logos displayed.

Corporate Social Investor

To become a Corporate Social Investor, an organisation must earn 50,000 Good Return points in the previous financial year. Calculation of Corporate Good Return points is based on:

  • Monetary donations: one point for every dollar donated.
  • Goods and/or services donations: one point for every dollar worth of goods and/or services contributed.
  • Employees’ pro bono work: one point for every dollar worth of work. The value of pro bono work will be mutually agreed by the organisation and Good Return.

Individual Social Investor

To become a Social Investor, an individual must collect at least 1,000 Good Return points in the past financial year. Individual Good Return points can be earned from:

  • Monetary donations: one point for every dollar donated.
  • Goods and/or services donations: one point for every dollar worth of goods and/or services contributed.

Good Return Social Investors and Good Return points are new initiatives. We plan a 12-month trial during which we will seek feedback from individual donors and organisations, and use that to improve and refine the concept.

Your Return on Giving

We strive to be transparent about how we invest your donated dollar: where, on what program, who does it help. We show you the relevant numbers. And more importantly, the faces and personal stories behind them.

When you register with My Good Return, you can see your contributions and their results in Return on Giving. It’s not always easy to measure specific impacts. We estimate the number of people who have directly benefited by analysing the total of bankers, borrowers, village trainers and trainees. Although not included in these estimations, it is worth remembering that their immediate families will also indirectly benefit. All of them have been touched by our programs and ultimately by your support.

See sample of the Return of Giving below.