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The CAFE Field App

By Janet Oxley and Salla Mankinen

Good Return launched the CAFE initiative in Cambodia and Nepal to help pro-poor FSPs and their clients. For FSPs, it responds to recent calls for more responsible lending and client …

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Meet Apsara Timalsina, Centre Chief

Apsara (34) of Nepal is the mother of two. Her husband, Ramesh, is a teacher at the local high school. They are financially secure, and have a comfortable home which easily accommodates them and their two children, Nishma (14) and Nishchal (10). …

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Good Return takes mobile app to the field

Giving¬†women living in some of the most remote communities in our region with access to technologies we take for granted is helping to break the poverty cycle. The Good Return team designed the CAFE Mobile App ( to help our partners in …

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