Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. Nelson Mandela

Frequently Answered Questions

Do you have a question? Here are a few answers to help you out. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

Logging in – old & new accounts »

Why do I now need two separate account log ins?

You now need two separate log ins – one for the new Good Return site and one for the lending portal. Sorry. We understand this is far from ideal. Remember, as long as you use the same email address for both accounts, all your information, loans and donations, will be saved together on this new Good Return website.

Where is my old account?

The account you have with us for making loans is intact and secure. Go to the Lending Portal and log in as you normally would to see your standard loans and loan donations.

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Using this website »

Do I need an account to make a donation?

No, you do not need an account to make a donation on our website. If you do create an account though, you will have access to a summary of your donations and the impact you’ve made in fighting poverty.  But note: you do need to register your details if you want to receive a tax receipt for your donation.

How do I create an account?

Click on ‘My Good Return’ at the top right of any page. From there, click on “Register now,” and you will be taken to a page where you can fill out your details. Don’t worry – we keep your information secure and private. Filling out your details will make it easier and faster for you to make donations and engage with us.

How to reset your password

Forget your password? No worries. Click on ‘My Good Return’ and then ‘Forgotten your password?’ Enter your email address and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

Log in

To access your account, click on ‘My Good Return’ on the top right of any page. There you will be able to log in using your email address and password.

About My Good Return

‘My Good Return’ is a secure site where you can manage your account information. You can save and update your contact information, control your subscription preferences, see a summary of your donation information, and manage your fundraising activities.

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Good Return – the new & old »

What’s the difference between the new Good Return and the old site?

Good Return launched in 2009 as a portal for Australians to provide loan assistance to the poor in the Asia Pacific. However, today the core of our mission  is building responsible microfinance, and creating skills development opportunities for these same people. So we have designed this new website to let Australians become directly involved in supporting this aspect of our work. This website is the “new” Good Return. The existing loan portal is the “old” Good Return.

Why are there two websites?

Because of some technology and budget constraints, we have the two websites running in parallel. All loans will continue to function from the old website as per usual (which can be accessed via a link from the microloans page on the new website). Donations and all the new ways of giving will be accessible from the new website. You will need to create a new profile on the new website. However, as long as you use the same email address for both accounts, all your information, loans and donations will be saved together.

Will my existing log in details change?

No, your log in details for the existing lending portal will stay the same.

Can I transfer money from my PayPal account at the existing loans site to make a donation here?

Unfortunately, no. This donations site and the existing loans site use different systems to process payments. The loans site requires a PayPal account, so that when a loan is repaid, you can easily access your funds. This site only accepts donations charged to your credit card.

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Using the loans website »

How do I make loans now?

Our microloan program continues to operate through the Lending Portal. This can be accessed through the Microloans page on our website. Once you are on the Microloans page, you will see a pink ‘Fund a loan now’ icon. Click on this icon and it will link you to our lending portal.

Can I still make regular and donated loans through Good Return?

Yes. Regular and donated loans will operate the same as usual.

What will happen to money as it gets repaid from the loans I have made?

The money repaid from your loan will go back into your Good Return account as usual – where you can either re-lend or withdraw it. If you made your loan a donated loan, the repaid money will be used to fund our responsible microfinance and skills development programs – so thank you!

Can I still withdraw my money from Good Return?

Yes – if your loan is a regular loan you will be able to withdraw your money as usual when it is paid back.

Will anything change with the status of my loan(s) after the new website goes up?

No – your loans will not be affected by the new website.

Can I still choose who my loan goes to?

Yes – you will still be able to choose to whom your loan goes.

Will my new Good Return account have information from the loans I have made?

Yes, your new Good Return account will summarise the total amount of loans that you have made. That way, you can see your total impact. Please note that due to technological constraints, this information will only be updated approximately fortnightly – so don’t worry if you don’t see the total increase instantly after making a loan. For up to date information on your loan, and for a more detailed view, log in to your account on the lending portal.

I want to find out more about how the loans work. Where can I go?

The lending portal has its own set of FAQs which cover topics around lending, loan disbursement, interest rates, taxes, and so forth. Click here to go to the lending FAQs »

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Social Investors »

What is a Social Investor?

Good Return Social Investors are individual donors and organisations that provide significant monetary and non-monetary contributions to Good Return. For more information about Social Investors, click here.

How do I become a Social Investor?

To become a Corporate Social Investor, an organisation must earn 50,000 Good Return points in the previous financial year. To become a Social Investor, an individual must collect at least 1,000 Good Return points in the past financial year. To find out more about how points work, click here.

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Why donations? »

Good Return used to be all about the loans. Isn’t lending a good solution?

Of course. Lending is great because it’s about empowering people to change their own circumstances. Recipients don’t have to see themselves as relying on charity as it is essentially a business deal. However, if you give people money without the training in how to manage it, a loan can quickly become a burden rather than a help. Training in how to save, manage money and build successful, sustainable livelihoods is going to be much more valuable and beneficial in the long term than a lump sum of money.

Why is Good Return now encouraging donations?

Good Return does a lot more than lend money. We provide financial literacy education, skills building and livelihood training, microfinance capacity building and lots more. But these activities all cost money. By donating, you provide much needed funds to help us with these programs. If you still want to provide a loan, why not make it a donated loan? This allows you to provide a loan that will be repaid as usual, but once repaid is recycled to help fund these vital programs.

What portion of my donation will go to programs?

A minimum of 80% of our expenditure goes directly to programs. Check out the graph in Our Impact to find out more.

If I don’t want to make a donation, am I still able to lend?

Certainly. But we would encourage you to make it a donated loan, as after the money is repaid it can help fund our training programs that run alongside the loans.

Will I be able to choose which program my donation goes to?

Yes. You are able to choose which program your donation goes to. To do this, select the program you wish to support on our Give page and follow the prompts.

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Fundraising for Good Return »

How do I start fundraising for Good Return?

If you want to join our team of extra awesome fundraisers, make sure you’ve familiarise yourself with the information on the Become Our Fundraiser page. Then fill out the form at Start Fundraising.

Before you rush off to do that first bake sale, you will need to sign some paperwork for us. As soon as you submit your information online, we’ll be in touch to finish the process and get you on your way.

How do I build my page?

Actually, we do that for you. So once you’ve signed your form, just sit back and relax while we take care of the tech stuff. You can use that time to plan your first event!

How do I change information on my page?

Just send us an email.

I’m used to using other websites to fundraise. Can I just use one of those services?

Other fundraising websites have some great features. However, they also cost you – or us – money. By fundraising directly through our website, you keep admin costs lower. This means that more of every dollar can go to where it’s needed most – fighting poverty.

Can I choose which program my fundraising supports?

Absolutely. During the sign up process you can select which program you want the funds to go to.

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