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Our people in Cambodia

Name Diana
Role Field Support Officer
Year started 2015
Location Cambodia

About Diana

From monks with blooming orange parasols to crispy fried insects for sale, there’s always something to see on the way to the office in Phnom Penh.

As a Field Support Officer, I collaborate with our partner organisation, Thaneakea Phum (Cambodia) Ltd., on financial literacy training and social performance management, to protect clients and achieve social (not just financial) goals.

Before joining Good Return, I completed university studies in Media and Communications and then worked for the Australian Federal Government for three years across internet policy, change management and digital education delivery. I obtained a Diploma of Government during this time and I particularly enjoyed helping to establish and Co-Chair the Department of Communications Women’s Network, and completing a Board Director Traineeship with YWCA Canberra, a community not-for-profit.

These experiences prompted me to look for work contributing to gender equality and sustainable community development with sound governance. I’m excited that 98% of GR’s micro-loans are provided to women – many of whom have never before had access to finance or support to build ongoing livelihoods.

Cambodia also holds a special significance as my mum is Cambodian and I’ve enjoyed short-term volunteering and holidays in the country previously – so when the role came up, it seemed like it was meant to be!

A personal goal of mine is to try as many interesting world delicacies as I can, at least once. Deep fried tarantula, cricket, water snake, lamb brain, and reindeer are some of the items that have made the list so far. I look forward to trying more in Cambodia!

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Name Noeuk
Role Community Banker
Year started 2012
Location Cambodia

About Noeuk

Before becoming a community banker with TPC, I worked as the branch office cleaner!

Before becoming a community banker with TPC, I worked as the branch office cleaner! I knew I wanted to be a banker someday, so I worked and studied hard to be promoted and now, after many years, I am proud to be a TPC community banker.

My role involves talking to community members about micro-loans, meeting village leaders, completing loan assessments, and managing loan disbursements and repayments. I spend a large part of my day riding from village to village on my trusty motorcycle, standard issue from TPC. I am also studying for a Bachelors degree in Accounting in my spare time.

One of the main reasons I wanted to become a microfinance banker was because I enjoy talking to people and helping them improve their living conditions. And also because of my passion for small business. My family is very proud of my job. It is great that people can see how the work we do has a positive, practical impact on the community.

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Name Seangdy Hy
Role Village Trainer
Year started 2013
Location Cambodia
Seangdy Hy

About Seangdy

I love seeing when community members engage fully with the training!

My name is Seangdy and I’m the Head Trainer at TPC, responsible for the financial literacy education program we run with Good Return.

Coming from a small village in Kampong Cham Province myself, I love that my job involves travelling around rural Cambodia and helping people learn financial skills and make plans for the future. My favourite animal is also the cow, and I see a lot of them when we travel through the countryside!

In the past, I’ve worked as a high school teacher and as a district advisor for the National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development (NCDD) providing technical support and implementation of infrastructure projects.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Education (Education Planning and Management) from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and I am married with a two-year-old son.

I love working with the other nine TPC village trainers and the best thing about training is seeing people in the community smile when they join in and participate fully.

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Our Partner in Cambodia

Name LOLC (Cambodia) Plc.
Head office Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Year established 1994
Mission & Vision Vision: Families at the base of the socio-economic pyramid are empowered to live their lives with dignity, social and economic security and justice.

Mission: LOLC is a microfinance institution with a social vision and a business orientation that provides entrepreneurs and families at the base of the socio-economic pyramid with the economic opportunities to transform the quality of their lives and their communities through the provision of effective and sustainable client empowering financial services.

Number of branches 67
Number of staff 1,498
Number of field staff 493
Number of trainers 6
Non-financial products and services
  • Financial education program
  • Community events
  • Links with other development organisations
Network affiliation Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA)
MIX Profile


About TPC’s clients

Numbers accurate to 31 December 2015.

Geographic coverage Cambodia; 67 offices in 24 provinces
Number of active depositors not applicable
Number of active borrowers 218,411
% of women depositors not applicable
% of women borrowers 84%


Financial Performance

Dollar amounts are reported on in USD ($). The local currency is the Cambodian Riel (KHR). Numbers accurate to 31 December 2015 and are from LOLC’s profile on the MIX Market website.

Average loan balance per borrower $858
Average deposit balance per depositor not applicable
Profitability (return on assets) 6.96%
Portfolio outstanding $188,354,835
Portfolio yield – real 30%
Portfolio at risk (30 days overdue) 0.24%
Operating Self Sufficiency 278%


Social Performance

Dimension 1: Define & monitor social goals Client Protection Assessment (CPA) conducted by Good Return. LOLC formulating action plan to enhance current practices based on CPA report recommendations.
Dimension 2: Commitment to goals Code of conduct and staff values reviewed and combined. Code of conduct/ethics included into staff performance reviewm interview and writing test. LOLC core values included in criteria for annual staff awards.
Dimension 3: Design products for clients needs Product Development Manual and Procedure developed based on client feedback. Consumption loan pilot test got underway in October 2013.
Dimension 4: Treat clients responsibly Marketing material (leaflet and website) improved for increased transparency (e.g. disclose loan size, range of interest rate etc.). APR and EIR included in the repayment schedule. Client Privacy Policy (and checklist to monitor compliance) developed. Complaint handling guidelines reviewed, telephone hotline centralised to head office; ensure that LOLC staff explain rights and complaints process to clients during loan disbursement. Training for branch managers on Social Performance Management and Client Protection Principle compliance conducted. Review of training material (refresher training and training based on Training Needs Assessment) as well as module on repayment capacity analysis (based on cashflow manual) completed in December 2013.
Dimension 5: Treat employees responsibly Review of training content for new staff and refresher training for existing staff completed in December 2013. Staff Training Need Assessment conducted and refresher trainings are provided annually.
Dimension 6: Balance social & financial performance LOLC uploading social and financial performance data to the MIX Market as well as reporting in their Annual Reports.