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Creating Shared Value with Accenture

November 9, 2015

What does the future of Good Return look like? We asked this question of 17 Accenture employees who used their paid volunteering leave to attend Good Return’s “Whitepaper Workshop”. Our goal was to come up with ideas for Creating Shared Value (CSV) between Australia’s corporate world and Good Return.

Before getting the brainstorming going we were fortunate enough to have a very special guest. Ramana James, Head of Group Shared Value at IAG, gave a presentation on shared value and how to create it. Ramana’s presentation not only helped the attendees gain a deeper understanding of how to create shared value but it also expanded on how much a business can benefit from shared value, improving social issues while making a profit.


During the workshop we heard great ideas that varied from skill trainings by phone to hybrid models of selling tools for farmers. Nicole Stanmore of Good Return said, “Accenture staff have given us a number of new ideas and initiatives on how Good Return could partner with corporate Australia to create a shared value relationship. Their ideas were all terrific and this is absolute testimony to the intelligence, professionalism and passion of Accenture people.”

The two finalists were Authentic Impact Tourism and Mobile Banking. Authentic Impact Tourism proposed a package that provides value to tourists while aligning with Good Return’s vision helping women in need. Tourists could participate in a live-in experience with borrowers while contributing to the community with skills development or assisting with day to day activities. Borrowers can highlight problems and skills gaps they face in an online profile, which allows the (volunteer) tourist to find where they would be most helpful.

The winning idea was: a partnership between a telecommunications service provider and Good Return that will disrupt the financial services industry in Indonesia by providing a mobile payments platform for micro-loans that Good Return clients receive.

We were inspired by the innovative ideas and possibilities regarding what the future holds for Good Return. We are glad this workshop was not only valuable for us but for the attendees. An Accenture volunteer said, “This workshop was a fantastic idea and I’d love to see more of them around and accessible to everyone.”

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