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Deliana: saving for the future

April 23, 2015

Deliana lives in Sungai Risap, a village of around 500 people. Accessible only by boggy red clay tracks lined with oil palms, Sungai Risap is dotted with natural forest and rubber trees. It takes us a couple of hours to reach Deliana’s Financial Literacy class due to the wet road conditions. Luckily our journey involved only one occasion where we had to be towed out by a passing vehicle. In Sungai Risap there are many small landholders like Deliana, who due to their isolation, really appreciate Good Return and CUKK efforts to bring them financial training.

the road to Sungai Risap

Deliana has attended most of the twelve classes that have been offered here and has made many changes to her lifestyle since beginning. “Before, I spent my money with no control. Now, I have better financial management.” she said. ABK is a Family Budgeting program, where students are first encouraged to track income and expenditure for one month before making a financial plan for subsequent months. Deliana has found ABK really useful, “Before, I never do ABK and underestimate my saving. From this class, my life has improved. I can save my money and reduce spending.” Deliana is now able to save a minimum of IDR 300.000 to IDR 500.000 per month. “I started to plant vegetables like green beans and kale. It’s reduced my expenditure on vegetables.” said Deliana.

Deliana in class (2)

Deliana has really enjoyed the Financial Literacy training, “This class is fun. I get a lot of experience and knowledge. My outlook and viewpoint became large. I learned things that I didn’t know before.” Since starting the classes, Deliana has become a member of CUKK in order to put away her savings each month. Among her future plans, she intends to plant 1.5 acres of chilli to sell. “I just became a CUKK member, so that I improve my saving. When it’s done, I will think about other things. Live better. Save Money.”

Deliana is based in and is Good Return's Borrower. Read more by Deliana

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