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Good Return takes mobile app to the field

September 14, 2016

Giving women living in some of the most remote communities in our region with access to technologies we take for granted is helping to break the poverty cycle. The Good Return team designed the CAFE Mobile App ( to help our partners in the field deliver high quality financial education to people living in poverty. The app was designed in collaboration with our partners and borrowers, ensuring that the final product addressed their needs. It’s not easy to design a mobile app for people who have never interacted with this kind of technology before, many of whom have low or no literacy. But with help from Good Return’s partners and clients, we have designed an app that solves many of the problems faced by learners and trainers at our face to face training sessions in the field. The app collects real-time data that can be viewed via an online dashboard, giving our partners access to feedback from learners which will help our trainers deliver effective lessons and help our learners make the most of this life-changing opportunity to learn.



  • APPrecord audio
  • APPtot
  • APPbuild up confidence at branches
  • APPcapturing learner details
  • APPlearners helping each other


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