There's enough on this planet for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed.Mohandas Gandhi

How much do you reckon you spend on stuff you could do without?

A recent survey showed that Australians spend an average of $960 per month on discretionary items— that’s a lot of stuff we don’t need! We know giving up smashed avo on Saturdays isn’t enough to help us enter the housing market, but it is enough to make a big difference to the life of a woman in poverty.

So why not join Good Return’s Happytap Challenge? Pick something you can go without for a whole month and use Happytap like a digital piggy bank to save that money.

Maybe you’ll pick buying new clothes. Or using takeaway food services. Or giving up one cup of coffee each week. Each time you skip that item, Happytap the money you would have spent. Your small change adds up and once your fund reaches $50, it ends up in the hands of women living in poverty, helping them build a small business to support their families.

Are you ready to use your small change to make a big difference? Accenture has partnered with Good Return to develop Happytap, a new way to give. Download Happytap and get started!


Watch this short video to hear Happytap co-creators Brett Thompson and Hanne Trafnik talk about why they created Happytap and how it works. Good Return partnered with Accenture to develop Happytap, a new way to give.

Happytap users forego little luxuries and save this money in a fund. Users “tap” an icon representing the items or services they have decided to give up. Each time the icon is tapped, the nominated amount will be added to their Happytap fund. Once this fund reaches $50 users are invited to send their savings to a woman living in poverty.


Things to remember:

– You won’t be charged until you reach $50 at which point you will be prompted to complete a transaction
– Your funds will be automatically assigned to a borrower from the country of your choice
– You will be sent information about this borrower and her community to show you the impact of your Happytapping
– Once your loan is repaid it will be donated to support our education programs helping borrowers make the most of their loans

The Happytap Challenge is your chance to make a small change to your lifestyle and invest the money you save in small businesses around the world operated by women living in poverty.  From the 14th of March until the 14th of April, we challenge you to choose a little luxury you can live without and invest that money in a microloan to women living in poverty in our region.

It’s easy to start Happytapping.

  • Download Happytap and select the country you would like your microloan to go to
  • Select the icon that matches the item or service you have decided to forego
  • Each time you give up that item, tap the icon to put the nominated amount into your microloan fund
  • Once your fund reaches $50, you will be prompted to make a loan to a woman in your nominated country

Alongside thousands of other Good Return supporters, you will be helping women in our region lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Women living in developing countries are disproportionately affected by poverty and are often excluded from the financial system. A life without banks might be something we joke about from time to time, but for women trying to provide for their families and break the poverty cycle, access to the financial services we take for granted can be life changing. A bank account can provide security and safety for the family’s money. A small loan can help to buy enough seed and fertiliser to grow produce to sell at market. Financial education helps women develop money management and livelihood skills.

And Happytap shows us just how little it costs us to make a big change.

Did you know that half the world’s adult population doesn’t have access to the simple financial support like bank accounts or loans? We want to change this. Microfinance helps people living in poverty change their lives and Happytap empowers you to be an agent of that change.

Your loan might help a woman like Vy Nut buy fertiliser to increase her crop yield and sustain her family between seasons. Or a woman like Alaseini stock her canteen with better quality fish. Once your loan is repaid, the funds will be used to provide money management and livelihoods skills to borrowers. The community is invited to come along and learn too and the result is neighbours helping each other break the poverty cycle, for good.

Microfinance is an effective way to provide women living in poverty with the skills and opportunities they need to build a sustainable income. Your donated loan helps provide education in money management and livelihood skills to help women make the most of your investment. Good Return works at a sector level to help financial service providers deliver safe and effective products and services that meet the needs of their poorest and most vulnerable clients.

Ready for your small change to make big change?

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device and install the app
  • Sign up using your Facebook account
  • Choose the items that you can go without
  • Select a country that you would like to support
  • Use the Alarms function in the app to set yourself reminders to tap
  • Start tapping!