The Indonesian archipelago has 17,000 islands of which Sumatra, Java, Borneo (or Kalimantan), Sulawesi and New Guinea are the largest. They are part of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, whose subterranean tectonic plates have created hundreds of volcanoes from Sumatra to the Banda Sea.  With 253 million citizens, Indonesia is the world’s fifth most populous country. But its large land area (similar to Queensland) means it is no more densely populated than say Poland or  France.

Credit Union Keling Kumang (CUKK) is located in remote West Kalimantan and serves over 140,000 clients.

CUKK’s broad mission is to provide responsible and sustainable financial services to reduce poverty and improve the living standards of its members. Its vision is to become the first choice credit union in West Kalimantan by being a leader in innovation and service quality.

Good Return has been working with CUKK since November 2011. Read more about our work in Indonesia.