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Make a Loan

Make a loan by selecting one of the people below. Your loan will not only help a family invest in the future but also provide them access to responsible microfinance and skills development opportunities.
community lending
Loans made through Good Return have an exceptional repayment rate and so at the end of the loan period, your money will be returned. Because your loan is converted into local currency there may be a small exchange rate loss or gain. Good Return takes an additional 10% administration fee to help fund our ongoing programs.
At the end of the loan period, you may choose to donate the funds. If you do,  your money will be used to enrich the community in which your borrower lives.

Our Borrowers

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Sesarina Dugubola


Seeing neighbours travelling far to buy frozen foods gave Sesarina Dugubola the idea to start her business. With 4 youngsters to support, she needs the extra income. Sesarina will use her loan to buy a freezer and initial stock, and begin supplying her neighbours with frozen products on their doorstep. She is sure that with established local demand for her products, she can fulfil her dream of running a successful enterprise.


Sophea TOUCH


Subsistence farming is obviously seasonal, so every few months the soil must be replenished. Sophea lives in a rural village with her husband and three children. The family has a small plot of land where they cultivate different types of crops. As she has to meet the family’s daily needs from these, they want to ensure they get the maximum yield from their land. So to help assure a good harvest, Sophea requests a loan to buy seeds as essential seasonal inputs.