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Sustainable palm oil production training

September 30, 2014

  • farmer-field-photo-gallery1
    Farmer Field School classes are usually conducted at the palm oil plantation.
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery3
    Field trip to a Palm Oil Research Nursery to learn about fertilisation and good seed selection
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery2
    Palm Oil Research Nursery Manager delivers a lecture about breeding good seeds
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery4
    Field trip to a palm oil mill
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery5
    Farmers taking part in a survey using mobile technology
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery6
    Focus group discussion
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery8
    Poster about palm oil trees
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery7
    Poster about good seed selection
  • farmer-field-photo-gallery9
    Poster about nutirent deficiencies

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