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The Book of Giving

August 11, 2010


“Approach life with a generous heart and everything you give is a bonus” – Comissa Fischer.



Gabby Cox is certainly following such advice. She’s just published The Book of Giving, a compilation of quotes about love, life, friendship and family – with all sales proceeds going Good Return. Her hope? To enable other women with the passion, dreams and aspiration to succeed in their business, just like she does.


Surrounded by family, friends and business colleagues, the launch last weekend in Melbourne was a great night and specially dedicated to Gabby’s mother Annie. As Gabby says, “this book is about putting into place my learning from my Mum. It is through observing her life and her spirit of giving, that I can achieve this dream. Everyone starts somewhere, but not everyone has access to much-needed funds to begin. I would not be where I am today without help from those who gave me their love, support and most importantly, loaned me money to start my business. Before the  banks would ever consider giving me a loan, I received microfinance, from my parents!

So head on over to to buy a book… or two! After all, you’d not only get the joy and love from giving and receiving this book, but also the chance to help give spirited women in the poorest areas of the Asia Pacific life changing opportunities.

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