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Village Trainers in Action

September 30, 2014

  • mago-tree-training
    Training can happen anywhere. Here's in Cambodia. We're gathering under the shade of a mango tree.
  • trainer-photo-gallery1
    A mat, a board and a group of enthusiastic villagers - that's all our Trainers need to start a class.
  • trainer-photo-gallery2
    Another training is underway under a house.
  • trainer-photo-gallery3
    A village hall is a popular training place in Fiji.
  • trainer-photo-gallery4
    Or outside someone's house.
  • trainer-photo-gallery5
    A proper classroom in Nepal.
  • trainer-photo-gallery6
    We help our MFI partners design and produce training materials.
  • trainer-photo-gallery7
    Our trainee in Cambodia with her workbook where she draws up her dream.
  • trainer-photo-gallery8
    Another trainee with her dream board showing off her financial goals.
  • trainer-photo-gallery9
    A house, children's education, a farm, a motorbike and savings. Everyone's sharing similar dreams.
  • trainer-photo-gallery10
    Training is not only about having a dream, but making it happen. A trainee in Tonga with her financial diary, where she learns a savings habit.

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