There's enough on this planet for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed.Mohandas Gandhi


No one deserves a life of poverty.

By accident of birth, people are born into poverty just like their parents before them. Unless we do something about it, this cycle will continue – for their children, grandchildren, and so on for future generations.

Our mission is to empower people to grow their incomes and break the poverty cycle for good.

Integrated Approach

Building financial and educational infrastructure

Lending money to people without the knowledge of how to use or manage debt can cause harm. Similarly, gaining new skills without access to capital can rob aspiring entrepreneurs of the chance to achieve their dreams. We build pathways out of poverty by providing people with access to responsible microfinance and skills development opportunities. We adopt this integrated approach because people need access to both to start their journey out of poverty.


Building local partnerships

Our programs are delivered by local microfinance institutions (MFIs)  to help people in their own community. We select our partners against several criteria, most importantly their social mission. We add our expertise to their local knowledge and resources to create sustainable development programs. We help them build their own capability so they can carry forward our initiatives without us. Over time, this allows Good Return to reach more communities in need.

Here’s how it works…


Pathways out of poverty

Our integrated approach is to offer a hand up, not a hand out. Providing people with access to financial and educational opportunities not only gives them the tools to get started, but inspires them to believe that change is possible.

Responsible microfinance

We help our MFI partners improve their social responsibility and extend financial inclusion to people in their communities. The goal of the Community Bankers program is to give everyone access to responsible financial services – the first step to breaking the poverty cycle.


We lend our MFI partners interest-free capital so they can provide small loans and help disadvantaged clients invest in their lives.

Skills development

Through financial and livelihood training programs, we work with our MFI partners and Village Trainers to build the confidence, skills and financial know-how of their communities.


Knowledge and skills are one thing, but confidence is something that cannot be learned. It has to be lit. Once it is, it empowers people to look beyond daily hardships and focus on building pathways out of poverty for themselves and their children.

Investing in Good Return gives those children and future generations a chance to escape poverty, no matter where they happen to be born.

More detail on our approach to development is further elaborated upon in our Programs section 


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