Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

Good Return has launched the Consumer Awareness & Financial Empowerment, the CAFE initiative, in Cambodia and Nepal. CAFE is targeted at two levels, microfinance institutions (MFIs) and their clients. For MFIs, it responds to recent calls for more responsible lending and client protection standards in the sector.  So we will work with national MFI associations to strengthen their consumer awareness and social performance efforts. At the client level, CAFE aims to improve the power of financial education to change personal behaviours. It recognises that financial knowledge by itself is not enough. To have long term impact, training must provide people with the confidence to change their mindset and actions. It is these capabilities that enable low income households to improve their livelihoods – and their lives – in a truly sustainable way.

Farmer Field School

Good Return’s farmer field school program operates in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. We work in collaboration with local MFI partner Credit Union Kelling Kumang (CUKK) and Solidaridad, a Dutch social development fund. The project aims to improve local farmers’ livelihoods by teaching them how to manage their palm oil crops using environmentally sustainable methods.

Many smallholder farmers face both cropping and income hurdles because of their relatively weak position in a palm oil market dominated by global organisations. Untrained, they are often unable to protect their natural environment and ensure it stays productive.

The farmer field school teaches farmers to adopt sustainable techniques in the use of fertiliser and pesticides, identifying healthy seeds and replanting techniques, allowing participants to improve their income whilst protecting the environment.

Now in its third year, the program is aiming to certify farmers as sustainable palm oil producers in line with international standards (called Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO) and contribute to the promotion of sustainable palm oil production in the region to reduce further deforestation.

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