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Meet Our Village Trainers

Name Deliana
Role Borrower
Year started

About Deliana

“Before, I spent my money with no control. Now, I have better financial management.”

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Name Grace
Role Village Trainer
Year started 2013
Location Philippines

About Grace

“Before I became a trainer, I had never even left my home province. Now, I love making new friends and visiting new places.”

I feel very excited and privileged to be a Village Trainer. I give training twice a week, mostly on saving and budgeting, and spend one day preparing for the following week's classes.

When I’m not giving training I’m working in my sari sari store and look after my family. I live on Guimaras Island with my husband and three children, although as a trainer I occasionally have to travel across Panay Island - sometimes as far as the northern province of Antique. 177 kilometers of travel might not sound like a lot to you, but before I became a trainer, I had never even left my home province - so I was very nervous to start travelling!

The first time I went to Antique I discovered I was sensitive to motion and spent much of the journey feeling car sick. Now, I love making new friends and visiting new places. Even though my stomach might get a little upset, I always enjoy the journey and all the new places and people.

Working as a Village Trainer has greatly improved my own self confidence and financial knowledge, and I look forward to continuing to assist and work alongside the women in these communities.

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Name Jerry
Role Village Trainer
Year started 2012

About Jerry

"The best thing about my role is definitely the fantastic people I get to work with. I get the most satisfaction when I see all the great things they can do with what little they have."

I’m originally from Suva, but moved to Lautoka for my role as Village Trainer with SPBD last year to help them get established. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of the South Pacific, and have just been given a promotion to Team Leader for the Lautoka branch. The best thing about my role is definitely the fantastic people I get to work with. I get the most satisfaction when I see all the great things they can do with what little they have. It is great to see people understanding and putting into practice what we have been teaching, and it is inspirational to see how hard they work to improve their lives.

A typical day of work for me is to travel to village centres and do loan and savings collections, and financial education training during my one hour at the centre. I want to help the clients learn something new every day. Levels of education are quite varied, so my aim is for all of our trainees to feel that they are just as capable of managing their finances and business as those who have had previous education.

I am trying to save money towards my wedding at the moment, as I am engaged to be married next year. Outside of work, I like to play rugby – I train every Monday to Thursday evening after work in the nearby sports ground. When I played rugby in Suva I used to end up in the hospital every week with injuries until Rico (SPBD Fiji’s General Manager) asked me not to play anymore! So far I have been injury-free in Lautoka. I also enjoy farming, which I do on Saturdays. I am growing eggplants, paw paws, bananas and other crops to sell (and also for me to eat!).

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Name Robby
Role Farmer Field School Trainer
Year started
Location Our people in Indonesia

About Robby

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Name Seangdy Hy
Role Village Trainer
Year started 2013
Location Cambodia
Seangdy Hy

About Seangdy

I love seeing when community members engage fully with the training!

My name is Seangdy and I’m the Head Trainer at TPC, responsible for the financial literacy education program we run with Good Return.

Coming from a small village in Kampong Cham Province myself, I love that my job involves travelling around rural Cambodia and helping people learn financial skills and make plans for the future. My favourite animal is also the cow, and I see a lot of them when we travel through the countryside!

In the past, I’ve worked as a high school teacher and as a district advisor for the National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development (NCDD) providing technical support and implementation of infrastructure projects.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Education (Education Planning and Management) from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and I am married with a two-year-old son.

I love working with the other nine TPC village trainers and the best thing about training is seeing people in the community smile when they join in and participate fully.

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