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A bountiful harvest requires a farm to be well fertilised and irrigated before planting. Sim has three children with her construction worker husband. So to assure a good yield, it’s essential their crops get the best start possible. Sim (38) seeks a loan to buy fertiliser that will deliver a solid result in a few months’ time. She believes that with these seasonal inputs, she will have a good harvest that will maintain the family’s subsistence living.


Nelly Oliverio


Nelly helps her husband support their family by running a variety store in their village. As family funds have been tight, she has had to use some of the store’s takings to pay household expenses. Now her inventory is running low and she cannot afford to restock. Nelly (41) needs a loan to refill her shelves. As sales recover, she will use the profit to sustain her children’s education and ensure a bright future for them.


Lilibeth Perez


Lilibeth is 49 years old and lives with her husband and five children. Their main income is from growing vegetables. To earn this, Lilibeth has a small plot where she grows peppers and eggplant. Its output has normally been for their own use but recently the local community has shown interest in buying their produce. Lilibeth seeks a loan to develop this market garden venture and hopes, over time, to build up her savings for the future.


Lineni Tafolo


Lilieni Tafolo seeks a loan to help grow her sewing business. At 56, she lives with her husband and some of their children and grandchildren. She has been able to apply her seamstress skills and generate some extra income for her family. Lilieni will use her loan to buy more fabric, threads and garment accessories to boost her workshop’s output. She hopes this will assure a brighter future for her grandchildren.