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Teresita Nacita


Teresita’s house is in poor condition and she wants to create a better home for her family. At 60, she has applied for a loan to buy building materials such as cement, sand, concrete blocks, iron sheeting and gravel. She will pay local tradesmen to build internal partitions to increase the number of rooms. Also, a new external wall will make her home more private and secure.


Ma.Victoria Capisen


Ma. Victoria knows that her family’s living conditions make it hard for her one child to study at home. She requests a loan to repair their house and make it safer and more comfortable. She will use the loan to buy galvanised iron to rebuild the rusty, broken roof and cement to make a new floor. Ma.Victoria (37) believes these improvements will enhance her child’s quality of life.


Merewalesi Rokocola


Merewalesi (33) is a talented weaver and proud of her work. However, her husband’s wage is barely enough to meet all their needs. She will use her loan to buy the best quality dried Pandanus (“voivoi”)leaves and materials to weave her decorative and functional mats. With more of her handcraft wares available for sale, Merewalesi can provide the best for her family by doing what she loves.